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Claire Gene Esker, CIC

Highwood, IL  Number of Hits: 2553

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- I'm an FSI Graduate
This consultant provides internationally certified advice on:
  • establishing and improving your personal/ professional brand
  • defining appropriate dress, grooming and manners guidelines for the workplace

Bio and Experience

Consultant has certified with Fashion Image Institute and is qualified to work with private, individual and corporate clients.


Dear. Ms. Armour,

I wish to thank you so much for the wonderful experience I had in the Image Consultant Online Certification course. I find that after taking this course, I am a far more observant, thoughtful, and considerate student of fashion and art, but also, am a far more motivated and driven person. Prior to this course, I had no experience in the study of fashion, but now, I feel confident and comfortable moving forward in this field. I am sure that I can meet my goals, become a successful businesswoman, and, in addition, improve the self-esteem of many clients.

I have truly become a more thoughtful person, also, since taking this class. I realize now that my own image is not simply about me, but also about how I relate to others and how others relate to me. How do I make others feel? What effect does my presentation have on others’ opinions of me? Moreover, what effect does it have on my own opinion of myself? With these realizations in mind, I feel I can make much more confident and sure decisions about how I interact with the world. These decisions will be based in a sincere desire to make others feel valued and at ease in every situation and to move easily from environment to environment.

Once again, I wish to thank you for providing me with the tools to achieve my goals. I am so honored and happy to have had the opportunity to study with the Fashion Image Institute and look forward to many more courses with you.

Sincerely, Claire Gene Esker


  • City: Highwood
  • State: IL
  • Country: United States

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