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Elisabeth Sundloef, CBIC, CIC

Skellefteå, Sweden  Number of Hits: 4590

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- I'm an FSI Graduate
This consultant provides internationally certified advice on:
  • establishing and improving your personal/ professional brand
  • defining appropriate dress, grooming and manners guidelines for the workplace

Bio and Experience

Consultant has certified with Fashion Image Institute and is qualified to work with private, individual and corporate clients.


Dear Ms. Armour,

I just finished the Personal Shopper Course, and I´m blown away by all it´s content! Not only do I now have the tools to become a Personal Shopper, but an Elite Personal Shopper, a Wardrobe Consultant, and a successful businesswoman with the training and the knowledge this course has given me!

Ms. Gillian started her career in fashion as a teenager, and I believe that she is one of the most competent professionals in the business of personal shopping that there is, so if you take this course you are really learning from the best. Ms. Gillian has a really generous attitude towards her students, and I greatly appreciated that she shared her own marketing strategies in this course, along with a lot of helpful tips on how to get clients and become a successful entrepreneur as a personal shopper. She has in depth knowledge of the business, and I had no idea that there was this much involved in the personal shopper profession! But if you aspire to be the best you must pay attention to detail, have a well thought out strategy and structure to your work. The forms that come with the course are also incredibly handy to just print out and start using with your clients!

This is the second online course I´ve taken with the Fashion Image Institute, and as always I´m amazed by how FII can manage to make an online course so easy to learn, with practical exercises, videos and personal contact! I´ve taken other online courses but the FII is the best I´ve tried. The accessibility of the staff members made me feel safe if any questions or problems occurred. The e-learning format is really good, and the manuals are a valuable asset to have as a guideline for future work.

I have really enjoyed this course and I recommend it to anyone who wants to work with personal shopping.

All the best, Elisabeth Sundloef


  • City: Skellefteå
  • Country: Sweden


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