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Kristofer Taylor, CMIC

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- I'm an FSI Graduate

This consultant provides internationally certified advice on:

  • establishing and improving your personal/ professional brand
  • defining appropriate dress, grooming and style guidelines for clients

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Consultant has certified with Fashion Stylist Institute and is qualified to work with private, individual and corporate clients.

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I came across your course when I was looking to enlist the help of a Male Image Consultant. I was initially hopeful that this course would empower me to produce a better image of myself. Before I made my decision it became abundantly clear that this is something that could help me better connect with other men and also give back to my male counter parts. This practice of self development and working with other men is something I have much experience with in different capacities. I decided to take the course with the hope that I would gain the necessary knowledge to improve connections, opportunities, confidence, and to bring a wonderful interior to the exterior for myself and other men. After taking this course I am certain I have been given the initial education, training, tools and resources to do this. I do see an wonderful business opportunity with this that I am excited to approach. I can see where experience in what I have been taught will only stand to complement my role as a Male Image Consultant. What I have taken from this course has provided what feels like a turning point and a new confidence in which to approach the world. I have also already noticed a change in my perspective from taking the course. I can't thank you enough for what you have done here, and I know that what I received here will be the keystone as I navigate with my intention to contribute to myself and other men! Appreciatively, Kristofer (Certified Men’s Image Consultant, USA)





  • Country: United States


  • Telephone: 571-383-9688
  • E-Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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