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Liubov Arena, CISP

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- I'm an FSI Graduate

This consultant provides internationally certified advice on:

  • establishing and improving your personal/ professional brand
  • defining appropriate dress, grooming and style guidelines for clients

Personal Mission Statement

I'm determined to connect with you and eliminate confusion about your unique self-perception, flair; specifically how to begin the transformation!I attained a Bachelor’s Degree in Linguistics, Foreign Languages, and Teaching in 2008, in Ukraine. Migrating to the United States, I graduated Aveda Institute with honors in a Clinical Licensing Course in Esthiology Science. I was a music director at an FM Radio Station in Brooklyn. Currently, I'm a Project Manager & Research Consultant at Ulysses Inc. With extensive international modeling experience, surrounded by fashion, beauty & style, I have a deep acumen of personal and professional image enhancement. Work, that without which most people would not be able to overcome their basic natural flaws in appearance and general perception.

Consultant has certified with Fashion Stylist Institute and is qualified to work with private, individual and corporate clients.

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Dear Ms. Armour, It is a pleasure to write this concluding essay at the twilight of completion of your course of study. I found the Image Stylist Professional course to be uniquely impressive, highly informative, in-depth, thorough in every detail, far more than I anticipated at the beginning. It goes well beyond Styling and Fashion as most people envision, letting you discover other principal aspects of the most often overwhelming and intimidating intertwining of Self Image and the Fashion World. An example of this is that the course combines multiple disciplines of study in clear concise order - Psychology, Color, Design, Wardrobe, Fit & Proportions; as well as Industry's Tools & Technology, Resources, and Networking. The curriculum being interactive, structural yet diversified in a well-organized modular format, commands order and demands discipline, forcing a keen sense of attitude and intense focus from you at all stages. With everyday examples and clear prompts to analyze situations and client collaboration, it teaches you the exact steps to take to achieve a professional demeanor, appearance and to realize demanding tangible results with your clients. In conclusion, I say Brava to you and Bravo to your learned instructors and Team!) I look forward to our prospective and fruitful collaboration! Very sincerely yours, Liubov Arena



Association of Image Consultants International Member 


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  • Country: United States


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