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Priscila Medina Pinheiro, CMIC

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- I'm an FSI Graduate

This consultant provides internationally certified advice on:

  • establishing and improving your personal/ professional brand
  • defining appropriate dress, grooming and style guidelines for clients

Personal Mission Statement

My name is Priscila Medina. I am married, mother of three, fashion designer and businesswoman, my purpose is to awaken each woman to her inner beauty. After this discovery my goal will be to help you discover your own personal style, I will introduce you to the fashion personalities so you can get to know yourself and identify the personality that most resembles you, and we will adapt to your personal reality. My goal is that you can express your visual identity.

Consultant has certified with Fashion Stylist Institute and is qualified to work with private, individual and corporate clients.

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Dear Ms. Armour, I was at a time in my life working with clothes sales, since then I was looking for a way to sell these clothes to my clients, doing a google search I discovered the profession of image and style consultant. After this discovery, I started looking for schools that offer this course online. It was at this moment that I found the Fashion Stylist Institute. At that time I had to make a decision that was a great challenge for me, as I was not fluent in English. The decision to take the course was a challenge from which I manage to overcome all barriers, its support was what made me follow this course and not give up. I mean that I am immensely grateful to God that this school appeared in my life and saying that the welcome and support are incredible, the content was delivered in an excellent way and the school's commitment to me was to graduate from the best image and Style Consultant in Latina America. Now I can say that I know how to build my own content and I will be recognized for my excellent work, which I am now able to offer to my clients after all this exceptional learning I received here. Thank You very much, I am forever grateful to God and to all of you who contributed to my success. Thank you very much from the bottom of my heart. Best Regards, Priscil



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  • Country: Brazil


  • Telephone: +55 (21) 99157-0971
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