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Renee Lukenbill, CIC

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- I'm an FSI Graduate

This consultant provides internationally certified advice on:

  • establishing and improving your personal/ professional brand
  • defining appropriate dress, grooming and style guidelines for clients

Personal Mission Statement

Helping women in business succeed with a polished, professional image.

Bio and Experience

I am new in Image Consulting after many years as a Real Estate Broker and working in the senior living industry in Sales & Marketing. I am very excited about following this new path and pursuing a new career in this industry. Many years in business have shown me how important personal appearance and professional dress is to a person's career and success.

Consultant has certified with Fashion Stylist Institute and is qualified to work with private, individual and corporate clients.

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Dear Ms. Armour, I have had in the back of my mind for some years now to study image consulting so I can transition out of the corporate world into my own business to help women get focused on their personal brand so they can look and feel confident, polished and professional. When I found your company through the AICI web site and learned I could take courses online, I was elated. It was a program I could do at home, at my own pace and really take the time to absorb the material. Conducting interviews over the years, I know how important the right professional look is to the companies I have represented. Many times I wished I could have told an applicant their resume was great, their background and experience was excellent but the image they were presenting was not at the level the company was looking for and why was the effort not put forth in this area as well. It is important! As the job market becomes more competitive, it is an area that individuals are going to need to embrace just as they have their education and work experience. This course was more than I imagined. It forced me to think, observe and learn material that hadn't even occurred to me would be part of the curriculum. I feel my learning curve has just begun and I am hungry for more. I am grateful for the opportunity to have taken this course online. Peoples lives are fast paced and complicated and even educational opportunities have to evolve to accommodate the way we are living today. My hat is off to Ms. Armour for creating this online platform for learning in this field. Thank you for this opportunity. This isn't goodbye. It is "hello" and I hope to meet you in person one day. Warmest Regards, Renee L.





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